The Televergence brand, culture, and reputation, as telecom professionals, is to ensure that calls complete and minutes flow. This international consumer and commercial electronics customer had contracted with another third-party entity to convert their Customer Service and Technical Support from TDM to VoIP enabled connection. The objective was to eliminate the MRC costs associated with the TDM cross connections, which had been used for 24 years.
Our CEO’s decision to make our IT and NOC team available to this customer at all hours to troubleshoot issues during low traffic periods with the TDM to SIP conversion they had contracted out to a third-party entity enabled us to rapidly identify and resolve a problem. Our willingness to help them troubleshoot and resolve the issue, despite the fact that a third-party entity had performed the conversion, strengthened and enforced the carrier-customer partnership. In the 3 years since, this customer has not had one issue.


The customer had no previous experience with VoIP enabled connections and had contracted a third-party CRM and Technical Support team to perform the TDM to VoIP conversion. The conversion needed to be completed quickly and correctly since issues related to the conversion could result in an interruption in production voice traffic as well as missed calls to their inbound toll free numbers. During the planning and testing process, the third-party entity encountered many roadblocks in different scenarios that stalled the migration process.


The Televergence Network Operations Center (NOC) team made themselves available at all hours so that testing and troubleshooting occurred during low traffic periods. The information gleaned from the VoIP captures provided by the Televergence team assisted in the discovery of a software bug on a piece of Cisco equipment that the third-party entity was utilizing. Shortly afterward, a workaround was implemented until the bug was patched and the customer was able to meet the deadline for the VoIP enabled conversion. Televergence assisted in testing each toll-free number after the conversion to confirm successful connectivity. In the three years since the conversion, the customer has encountered no issues.

Televergence provides high calls per second and completion rate long distance and toll-free, managing 3+ million toll-free numbers for 30+ years under consistent management as a privately held, debt-free enterprise. The company is a WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) for supplier diversification programs. Founded and managed by the CEO, Deb Ward is the first and current Chairwoman of INCOMPAS, the industry’s leading trade organization.

A reputation for transparency and integrity is reflected by an average length of customer of 15+ years.  The U.S.based technical team possess an average of 20+ years of industry experience and are familiar with most legacy and next-gen platforms: Dialogic, Aculabs, Brooktrout, Nortel, Avaya, Noble Systems, Survox, Voxco, and Asterisk. A TDM to VoIP conversion and no risk, complimentary test of the services is offered.

Membership, advisory, and board roles are maintained with the Alliance of Channel Women, American Marketing Association, Better Business Bureau, Federal Internet Service Providers Association, INCOMPAS, Insights Association, Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Technology Council, National Association of Women Business Owners, Professional Association for Customer Engagement, Receivables Management Association, Telecom Associates, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Women In Technology of Tennessee.

Ira Globerson, Vice President of Sales + Channel Chief  - (213) 943-2023