This customer is a market research company located in middle America, conducting research in B2B, consumer, healthcare, and agriculture markets. Although they were satisfied with their current ILEC provider, their system was operating on older technology with POTS lines installed to each of their 100 call center agents in two locations. The smaller call center houses 25 agents and the larger call center houses 75 agents.

Their new CEO was interested in exploring ways to modernize their system and reduce telecom costs, including the utilization of VoIP enabled connections.

While TSI’s rates and products are competitive, C-Level account management provides their customers with access to senior executives. Customer service as a competitive advantage and a dedicated Customer Success Manager is TSI’s unique value proposition that drives the company's 30 years of success and average length of customer at 14.7 years.


The customer was paying access charges at $20 per POTS line, or $2,000 per month in MRCs. Usage rates were close to 2 cents per minute.

The Televergence team worked directly with the CEO and their IT specialist to define a network testing protocol for the first call center, including a TDM to VoIP enabled gateway, using 7 lines over 2 months. Happy with the testing results, the customer committed to moving traffic and signed the contracts.


Televergence’s technical leadership and team worked closely with the customer and gateway manufacturer to successfully implement a complex inbound routing requirement.

There were significant re-wire issues that needed to be resolved in order for the second, larger call center to be added to the Televergence network. Guidance and proposed solutions for the re-wire project was provided by Televergence’s CTO. The customer qualified a local contractor to perform the re-wire that was required in order to complete the 75 agent call center POTS line to VoIP enabled conversion.


The customer was able to bring all 25 agents from the first site up on the Televergence gateway with VoIP enabled connections within the third month after testing. The second 75 agent site is scheduled for the TDM to VoIP enabled conversion.

In addition to an average monthly savings of $2,000 due to the conversion of POTS lines to VoIP enabled connections, the customer is saving an average of 20% in usage costs based on lower rates per minute for an overall savings of more than 30%.

Televergence provides high calls per second and completion rate long distance and toll-free, managing 3+ million toll-free numbers for 30+ years under consistent management as a privately held, debt-free enterprise. The company is a WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise) for supplier diversification programs. Founded and managed by the CEO, Deb Ward is the first and current Chairwoman of INCOMPAS, the industry’s leading trade organization.

A reputation for transparency and integrity is reflected by an average length of customer of 15+ years.  The U.S.based technical team possess an average of 20+ years of industry experience and are familiar with most legacy and next-gen platforms: Dialogic, Aculabs, Brooktrout, Nortel, Avaya, Noble Systems, Survox, Voxco, and Asterisk. A TDM to VoIP conversion and no risk, complimentary test of the services is offered.

Membership, advisory, and board roles are maintained with the Alliance of Channel Women, American Marketing Association, Better Business Bureau, Federal Internet Service Providers Association, INCOMPAS, Insights Association, Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Technology Council, National Association of Women Business Owners, Professional Association for Customer Engagement, Receivables Management Association, Telecom Associates, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and Women In Technology of Tennessee.

Ira Globerson, Vice President of Sales + Channel Chief  - (213) 943-2023