Televergence Solutions (TSI) Saves 10+ Year International Broadcasting Call Center Customer 35%+ Over AT&T


This Customer is one of the oldest and largest broadcasting companies in the Asia Pacific region and was introduced to Televergence Solutions (TSI) in ‘04 by the Consultant who designed and managed their U.S. data network. Their U.S. switch site routed calls to their headquarters and call center in the Philippines.


Low Cost Calling Card for Resale : The low cost calling card for retailers to resale calls to the Philippines requires low cost Toll Free (TF) routes with a first dial connection that was user-friendly.

Domestic TF : They operate a large call center in the Philippines that supports many offerings and requires quality, low cost routes for calls originating in the U.S. or Canada and route to the call center on DS-3 connections to Manilla; and the ability to route U.S. and Canada-originating TF calls onto the L.A.-based platform for routing to the Worldwide Customer Service Call Center in Manilla.

International Long Distance(ILD) : They needed to replace a poorly performing international carrier with quality, low cost outbound LD routes; an opportunity TSI initially declined.

Colocation : Their L.A. colocation was moving to a different facility, including critical connectivity that supports their worldwide communications and feeds U.S.-created television content. Television broadcast connectivity from the Philippines to U.S. customers also traverse this network.


Low Cost Calling Card for Resale : Although the Customer initially chose a combination of AT&T and TSI for U.S. TF access, ultimately, TSI became the carrier of choice based on quality and cost.

Domestic TF: TSI provides (8) T-1 cross connects in L.A. to the customer’s cage in the same colocation to support their TF traffic. Our domestic TF service provides access to their L.A.-based platform and backhauls calls to the Philippines via their private DS-3 network. We began routing 30+ TFNs with a disaster recovery plan at no additional charge. All TF numbers on our network have been completed with no trouble tickets.

International Long Distance (ILD) : We leveraged long-term relationships with AT&T and other carriers to secure cost-competitive quality routes and became the carrier of choice.

Colocation : Our CTO was closely involved in the consolidation and migration plan design and implementation, oversaw much of the coordination and bundling of services between the two colocation facilities, and helped move the circuits and migrating/bundling traffic at a fraction of the cost if the project had been completed by the colocation facility provider.


Throughout this 10+ year Value-Added-Partnership, TSI has been able to reliably discover and deliver custom and affordable solutions that exceed Customer expectations at a 35% savings over AT&T’s prices.


Televergence Solutions (TSI) is a telecommunications carrier who attributes over 30 years of success and an average length of customer of 14.7 years to quality and competitively priced products:   inbound toll free and high calls per second/call completion rate outbound long distance.  Pre-qualified candidates receive a 10,000 minute free trial.   

C-Level account management provides their customers with access to senior executives.  Customer service as a competitive advantage and a dedicated Customer Success Manager is their unique value proposition that drives the company’s 30 years of success and average length of customer at 14.7 years.  

Founded and managed by the CEO, Deb Ward, whose integrity and reputation is exemplary in the telecommunications space, she is the first and current Chairwoman of INCOMPAS (formerly known as Comptel), the industry’s leading competitive telecommunications trade organization.

The company’s CTO, David Deutsch, has extensive technical expertise in the call center telecom space and manages the fully staffed, U.S. based 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operating Center (NOC). The technical team has an average of 18 years of experience and is familiar with most legacy and nex-gen platforms; including Dialogic, Acculabs, Brooktrout, Nortel, Avaya, and Asterisk. An on-premise TDM to VoIP enabled conversion and loan equipment program for legacy platforms is available to candidates who otherwise qualify.

Leadership, membership, advisory and board roles are maintained within numerous Professional Trade Organizations, including INCOMPAS (formerly known as Comptel), Federal Internet Service Providers Association (FISPA), Insights Association (formerly the Marketing Research Association), National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE), Telecom Associates and Women In The Channel (WIC).  

Televergence is a WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council) certified WBE (Women’s Business Enterprise).