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A Call Center’s Success Is Impacted By The Ability To Complete Calls

Televerge Solutions' Call Center Solutions are designed for customers who prioritize call quality and call completion over number of call attempts. We design and deliver inbound and outbound solutions that match each individual customer’s unique needs. Throughout our 30 year history, our philosophy has been to proactively address and minimize customer facing issues.

Call Centers have increasing access to carriers who don’t require long term commitments, provide competitive rates and high service levels. Historically, large carriers targeted call center customers due to their high call count and long distance volumes. As these large carriers upgraded their switches/facilities, and improved their real time cost calculations and analysis, the Return on Investment (ROI) for some customers with short duration, Do Not Call (DNC) restrictions, and high calls per second was no longer attractive.

We continue to respect and embrace the complexity of Call Center and automated traffic. Our technical expertise is complimented by our solid understanding of campaigns, answering machine detection algorithms, DNC lists and continuously expanding Quality of Service (QoS) metrics.

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