The customer is always right, but what if you can’t hear the customer?

A pressing issue for many businesses is whether they should offer 24-hour customer support. In an ideal world, every company would provide the service, but this is not a perfect world. Whether it is necessary to have after hour support depends on the type of business you run and your client’s needs.

Below you will find a few reasons we believe 24/7 customer support could make sense for your business.

Does your competition have 24-hour support?

Having 24-hour support is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition. An excellent approach to finding out whether after-hours support is vital to your clients is to ask your sales reps how they feel about its importance. A potential indicator on the after-hours supports necessity could be how many times potential customers inquire what your customer support hours are. If your sales reps or support team think there is a need, then it may be a good idea to expand your hours.

Offering this level of support may provide your team with the cherry on top to close new business.

It’s cost effective and provides a quick turn on rising issues.

If you’re not providing around the clock customer support, then you may be letting trouble tickets build up. When customer support teams come in to start their day many of them do not have the time to listen to voicemails and handle after hour trouble tickets. If it’s a busy morning and the phone lines stay steadily busy, then the support team may get to the issues too late which will only hurt the relationship you built with your customer. If your customers have to call back unhappy this may damage the morale of your call center team as well.

It could be a good idea to have just a few reps on the floor during the off hours or even expand them to the most common time of your missed calls.

Peace of Mind

Imagine one of your most important clients has an immediate issue or question during off hours. If your client has no way of having their issue resolved, then the matter may go from a mild inconvenience to an expensive business mistake. Depending on the service you offer your client may lose out on a sale or the business of an existing customer.

By not offering around the clock support, then you are putting yourself at risk to lose a client every day.

Customer support reps can sell too.

Your sales reps aren’t the only ones selling. Current customers aren’t the ones calling into the support line. Many times people are calling in to learn a bit more about your product or service. Potential customers who may not have the time to call during regular business hours may be more inclined to call during their off hours, and if you don’t have someone ready to handle this call, then you might lose out on future business. If you don’t have a portal to process purchases 24/7, then a customer service rep may be your best bet on closing new business.

Bad News Travels Quickly

If your customer has a bad experience working with you, then they may share their knowledge with others in the industry. With social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter at our fingertips, customers have the tools to share their experience faster than ever. By having a 24/7 customer support reps handling not only calls but also monitoring keywords that may pertain to your business then you will be able to handle issues as soon as they come. Your brand is everything, and one customer’s experience can make a lasting impact on whether potential customers want to work with you.

We understand that there are far more than five benefits to having a 24-hour customer support line. If you have any tips that you’d like to share, please drop us a line below.

We drew inspiration for this article from Axiom’s article, The Importance of Having 24-hour Customer Support for Your Business