A Telecommunications Leader

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TSI ( www.tsicorp.net ) is a leading telecommunications carrier who attributes over 28 years of success to quality and competitively priced products, complimented with C-Level Account Management and Customer Service.

TSI was founded and is managed by the CEO, Deb Ward, whose integrity and reputation is exemplary in the telecommunications space. She is the first and current Chairwoman of Comptel, the industry’s leading competitive telecommunications trade organization. TSI’s CTO, David Deutsch has extensive technical expertise in the call center telecommunications space, as recently demonstrated with a call center customer who was unable to get a financially impacting problem diagnosed and resolved with its Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers. David manages the Company’s fully staffed, U.S. based Network Operating Center (NOC).

The Company’s Portfolio includes Long Distance Service with high call completion and high call per second capability,inbound Toll Free and DID products; and offers a No Commitment Traffic Analysis. The Company maintains leadership roles and membership within numerous Professional Trade Organizations, including AAPOR, Comptel, Marketing Research Organization, PACE and Telecom Associates.

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